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Motorcycle Club Patches

We Specialize in Club Colors for MC's, RC's, MM's, SC's and more!


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PLEASE READ Our Terms Of Service


Sample Patches



Set-up Fees

We charge $1.50 per 1000 stitches to create Stitch Files.  Also know as Digitizing. Most 3-piece designs will contain 55,000 - 150,000 stitches. The digitizing cost will never be higher than $90.00.  Most will run in the $35.00 to $65.00 range depending on the complexity of your design.  Unless you have an actual Stitch File in one of the following formats .ofm, .dst, .emp, .exp, or .cnd, your design will need to be digitized either by us or one of the many companies that create stitch files from images every day.  Search for "Embroidery Digitizing" on Google and you'll find them all over the world.  Their rates are generally higher than ours but feel free to shop around.


We don't charge a set-up fee for patches with 10,000 stitches or less.  That would include Road Names, Officer Flash/Tabs or most text only type patches.  We charge $1.50 per 1,000 stitches for designing patches with more than 10,000 stitches.  All of the digitizing is performed in-house.  Please feel free to compare our digitizing rates to our competition.  Some web sites claim free digitizing.  Nothing in today's world is free. You'll pay for it somehow, maybe just not as a line item. The cost is just built in to some other item such as the patch itself.  If you're going to shop, shop right and read all of the facts and know the bottom line before you choose a patch maker.


Intellectual Property

All stitch files are created for the exclusive use by Thread Slingers Inc. Each file is our Intellectual Property. If you wish to purchase the stitch file(s) from us the price is $2.50 per 1000 stitches. You will be credited any setup/digitizing fee you paid up front.


Credit Card Information

When you pay for your order using your credit/debit card over the Internet with us. WE DO NOT COLLECT OR STORE YOUR CARD INFORMATION.


NOTE: Never send your credit card information to us via email.  Your information can be easily stolen.  Even when we delete it from our email it's still out there to be stolen by hackers.   We are in no way responsible for any and all card information you send via email.


Copyrighted Material

Please do not ask us to copy or otherwise reproduce copyrighted designs.  If your design is in question we may ask for proof of ownership. It is illegal for embroiders to make copies of copyrighted designs unless you are the rightful owner of the copyright or have written permission from the rightful owner of the copyrighted image.  Stealing images from the Internet and submitting them to us is 100% Illegal.  You can't just grab any image you find on The Internet and call it your own.  We can however use copyrighted images as a concept only.  In other words we recreate a design similar to the one you submitted to us.  We are required by law to change it by 20% or more.




PLEASE READ Our Terms Of Service


Existing Clubs Please Read

If you have patches at present and need a new patch maker we'd love to talk with you further.  Please understand that if your club is known and you can't provide the information we'll need in order to start making your patches, we won't be able to assist you.  Part of what we'll need is a full set sent to us  or the actual stitch files.  Why you ask?  Because there is no way we can match your colors 100% unless we see them and are allowed to use them as our guide.  Fabric color, thread color and the design itself makes it what it is.   You can rest assured your colors will be returned to you in the exact same condition we received them in.


The exception to this would be if you have a digitized stitch file as well as usable thread numbers for your patches. We say usable because some patch makers use in-house numbers that will mean nothing to us.  We can only use manufacturers part numbers for thread colors. If your patches were being made overseas we may only come close. We don't have access to all of the thread patch makers use overseas.  But it's been our experience that we are ab;e to match colors almost perfectly.  Given the right circumstance.   Please let us know if you have a stitch file for your set and what format it's in. (.ofm, .dst, .emp, .exp, or .cnd) We may or may not be able to use formats not listed as previously mentioned.


Club Colors/Logo/Design (SECURITY)

Your club's colors/design/patches or anything Thread Slingers makes for you will never be sold to unauthorized persons.  We have a very strict policy in place to protect each clubs design(s).  We treat every design of yours as your property.  ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONS CAN PURCHASE YOUR COLORS/DESIGN/PATCHES.


Use of your information

We DO NOT share your personal or club information with anyone for any reason whatsoever.  Except in the event you grant us permission on a per occasion basis.


Minimum Orders for current customers/clubs

We will not sew any order less than $50.00 not including sales tax or shipping charges.



We ship via USPS Priority Mail and we charge from $7.50 to $8.00 for most orders.  It may be higher depending on the size, weight and destination it's being shipped to.   We can also ship via UPS and FedEx.  Those rates are by quote only.  Overseas customers can expect to pay higher rates and expect delayed arrival times.


Patch Design Process

The design process can take from several hours to several days. The more complex the design the longer it takes. Please understand that is done manually and can take many hours of sitting in front of a computer for days to complete.  So please be patient while we work on your design.


Returns and Refunds

 We do not give refunds for custom made items.  Ordering items such as custom made embroidered patches, tee shirts, stickers, decals or banners are non-refundable.  However, If a mistake is made on our part we will replace the item at no charge to the customer.


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